BAL League Records in 2016

The following League records were set during 2016.  Congratulations to all the new record holders!

Full details of all League and Divisional records and the Roll of Honour detailing the history of Clubs who have participated in the BAL since 1969 can be found on the Members page.

BAL would like to thank David Barrington for his continuing efforts to monitor and update our League records.


LEAGUE:       1 new record

      3000m             8.05.83            Alex Yee    (Kent AC)                                   7.5.16

Premiership: none

Nat Div 1:     none

Nat Div 2:     5 new records

      3000m             8.05.83            Alex Yee    (Kent AC)                                  7.5.16

      110mH            13.8                 David Omoregie (Cardiff)                           6.8.16

      400mH            49.87               Jack Green (Kent AC)                                  7.5.16

      Discus             60.89               Brett Morse (Cardiff)                                  4.6.16

      4 x 100 Relay  40.76               Cardiff                                                         6.8.16

                            (David Omoregie, James Griffiths, Anax da Silva, Kristian Jones)

Nat Div 3:     1 new record

      100m              10.42w             Ronnie Wells (Yeovil)                                  4.6.16

Nat Div 4:     1 new record

      Hammer          65.95               Craig Murch  (Rugby & Northants)           7.5.16