PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO GUEST athletes at the Bedford "Big Saturday" match. Please see News Item.

  • 15 June 2017 05:12

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO GUEST athletes at the Bedford " Big Saturday" match.

This includes the Non Scoring 200m and 400m races, although there will be Non scoring 

100m races, 2 per division. An…

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PLEASE NOTE: The visable timetable for Bedford in the Fixtures section has now been updated. Please see News Item

  • 09 June 2017 05:54


The visable timetable for the BIG SATURDAY at BEDFORD is now correct and has been updated, all information contained is now correct.

All the timetables are accurate in the PDF downloads …

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Results for all Divs in Round 2 now online

  • 05 June 2017 00:34

Please see Results tab for details.

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Programmes with Lane Draws for R3 & R4 on website

  • 30 May 2017 05:02

The programmes with Lane Draws for B.A.L Matches Round 3 and round 4 are now published in the fixtures section of the website.

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B.A.L Guest for Round 2 now on website

  • 30 May 2017 03:46

The selected Guest Athletes for Round 2 of B.A.L matches are now published on the B.A.L website in the Guest section.

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